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Businesses which sell goods of a vendor/supplier on a defined commission to a set of clients/buyers
Overview: Fresh entry is the main entry type in the system based on everyday challan per arrival/order. It's the fastest entry type! You can allot entry straight to all these ledgers : 1. Supplier 2. Forwarding Agent 3. Buyers 4. Ladaan/Bijak 5. Coldstore/ Godown (Inventory) 6. Cash Sale Record the whole trade pipeline in a single easy to use form.
Step 1: Click on (+) on Dashboard and select 'Fresh Entry'.
Step 2: A pop up window opens where you need to fill all the necessary information from Product type, all the related information to the product like Supplier name, Quantity, Quality etc to the expenses incurred and the buyer's info.
Step 3: After all the necessary information is recorded and allotted click Save.